Deferred from meeting 20th Jan

  1. Present/Apologies and validation of adequate number of attendees

  2. Minutes from last meeting (Link)

  3. Matters arising from last meeting (not otherwise on agenda)

    1. Bank SignatoriesSecretary (and now Asst Treasurer) to be added as signatories. Treasurer to confirm details required by bank.

    2. Playground Display Redesign

    3. Treasurer/President to obtain board dimensions.

    4. Secretary to then create drafts for printouts/posters and investigate options for sun protection.

    5. New Children School Forms with opt-in to Charity mailingsSecretary to create A4/A5 document with basic charity introduction and opportunity to become Registered Association Member.

    6. Charity funding guidanceGuidelines needed to help advise on the process for obtaining charity funding. Treasurer to draft guidance.

    7. Committee Changes

    8. Agreement to send comms to Registered Association Members and school can re-distribute more broadly as per their policy.Treasurer to draft Committee changes/thanks info and Secretary to prepare mailing.

    9. Committee accounts of Vik, Suze & Belinda to be archived and closed. (Currently disabled, but still to be archived and removed.)

    10. Fundraising Wish ListSecretary to add items to charity Amazon Wish List

    11. Name ChangeSecretary to update name with additional services. e.g. Amazon, EasyFundraising, PayPal (and linked services eBay, GoFundMe etc)

    12. ConstitutionNew phrasing to be determined. Change must be provided to members in advance and voted on during a General Meeting.

    13. Potential for SFOF ShedInvestigate required size.

    14. Small lotteries licence

      1. Treasurer to arrange payment

      2. Secretary to complete & return paperwork

  4. PayPal Problems

  5. Any other business

  6. Date/type of next meeting